The Firm

Barritt Smith LLP is a firm devoted to practicing in the area of labor and employment law. We have nearly fifty combined years prosecuting and defending litigated employment disputes involving claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, breach of employment contracts and violation of trade secret laws, among other claims, and have done so in a variety of state and federal courts and government agencies in California and around the United States. We also counsel companies and individuals regarding such matters. Our clients range from international employers to individuals who are in need of attorneys with employment law expertise. The attorneys at Barritt Smith LLP have backgrounds practicing employment law at larger well-regarded law firms. Our devotion to technology and avoidance of unnecessary overhead expenses allow us to offer services that meet or exceed those provided by larger firms at rates that are much more competitive.

Our Philosophy

Our clients’ interests are our interests. We recognize that we cannot claim to represent our clients’ best interests without a complete understanding of those interests, including our clients’ ultimate objectives. Some lawyers approach every case with the same strategy. At Barritt Smith, LLP, our clients’ individual interests and objectives become our focus and we are undeterred in employing our expertise and abilities to achieve outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations. We work efficiently. We have been very effective at eliminating unnecessary work in cases and keeping litigation expenses extraordinarily low. We do not overwork or overstaff cases. We file only necessary motions and other pleadings, rather than looking at a case as a series of billable events. We pride ourselves in producing results that surpass our clients’ expectations at costs that are substantially below those of our competitors.

Our Fees

Hourly Fees:

We understand today’s business environment and the need for excellent legal services at a reasonable rate. That is why our hourly rates for defending and counseling employers are significantly below those of our competitors. We are able to keep our rates low because we keep our overhead low and work efficiently, cutting out unnecessary motion practice, depositions, meetings, travel, etc. We believe and expect that our employer clients will use our services on their next matter if we serve them well on their current matter. We focus on clients, not just on cases. We look at our clients as long-term clients who will continue to hire us and refer others to us because of our experience and efficiency. Thus, it is extremely important to us that our clients be confident that we are committed to achieving success at the lowest cost reasonable given the facts and circumstances.

Contingency Fees:

We generally enter into contingency fee arrangements with our employee clients and such fees are competitive in the marketplace.

Alternative Fee Arrangements:

Because each client comes to us with different circumstances, we remain flexible with regard to fee arrangements. For example, in some cases we find a hybrid fee arrangement to be the most acceptable (a combination of a contingent fee and hourly rate). In other cases, we may provide a specific service for a flat fee. We are always willing to discuss alternative fee arrangements and invite our clients to suggest one when they believe it would be beneficial.


We employ the latest technology in ensuring that our practice runs as efficiently as possible. We use the best available digital devices, which are available to us wherever we may be. We generally maintain scanned electronic copies of documents. We use the latest in fact-gathering software that allows us to focus on arguments that will effectively serve our clients and not on duplicating work each time we revisit an issue in a case. We protect our files by backing them up on a regular basis on an offsite server. We use the latest in litigation calendaring, rules and time management software, updating it on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.