Some of Our Results

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Summary Judgment Granted in Wrongful Termination Case
gavel   Doug Barritt obtained summary judgment in Orange County Superior Court against an employee suing his client for wrongful termination, negligence, implied contract and other claims.
Convinced Them to Walk Away

gavelPaul Miner convinced three plaintiffs to walk away from their discrimination claims after he skillfully demonstrated the claims were meritless.

Multi-Million-Dollar Judgment

gavelPerry Smith obtained a multi-million-dollar judgment for overtime and other wages owed to former employees of a chain of cell phone stores.

Defense Verdict at Jury Trial

gavelDoug Barritt obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial against employees suing his client for fraud and breach of contract.

Four Appeals and Three Wins

gavel   Perry Smith litigated a case for many years and he filed four appeals in the case.  He prevailed on three out of the four making him possibly the only lawyer in California to reverse the same judge in the same case three times on appeal when the standard of review was abuse of discretion.

A Win At the Labor Commissioner

gavelPaul Miner prevailed at the Labor Commissioner using a novel defense to paying overtime premiums to a well-paid professional.

$400,000 Settlement in Disability Discrimination Case
gavel   Perry Smith obtained a $400,000 settlement in a disability discrimination case without ever having to file a lawsuit.
$160,000 Overtime Settlement

gavelPerry Smith and Paul Miner obtained a $160,000 settlement in a wage and hour case in which they alleged that their client was misclassified as exempt from overtime when the client should have been entitled to overtime premiums.

$100,000 Retaliation Settlement

gavelPerry Smith, Paul Miner and Carley Millian obtained a $100,000 settlement with very little litigation in a case in which a health worker was retaliated against for requesting an accommodation.

Ten Motions to Quash Granted

gavel   Perry Smith and Paul Miner prevailed on ten motions seeking to quash subpoenas that sought unlimited medical and other records related to their employee clients.

Case Remanded Back to State Court

gavelPerry Smith and Paul Miner prevailed on a motion seeking to return a case to state court after a large national employer removed the case making a “sham defendant” argument.  The judge issued a thorough, 16-page opinion, that has been relied on by others since it was issued.

Summary Judgment on Sexual Harassment Claims

gavelDoug Barritt obtained summary judgment against an employee suing his client for sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

Nuisance Value Settlements in Discrimination Cases

gavel   Doug Barritt has convinced multiple plaintiffs to walk away from their lawsuits for very small settlements.

A Win at the UIAB

gavelPaul Miner prevailed in front of the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board when an employee terminated for misconduct appealed the ruling by the Administrative Law Judge.

$300,000 Settlement of Whistlebower Claim

gavelPerry Smith and Paul Miner obtained a $300,000 settlement in a case in which an employee made safety complaints and was terminated in retaliation for the complaints.

An Arbitration Win


Doug Barritt prevailed in an arbitration defending company in the assisted living industry against claims brought by former employee alleging sexual orientation harassment, racial harassment, religious harassment and retaliation.

Successful Severance Negotiation

gavel   Doug Barritt negotiated a significant severance package for a technology executive.

More Than $400,000 Settlement of Age Discrimination Claim

gavelPerry Smith obtained a settlement exceeding $400,000 for a client who was subjected to age discrimination.

*Results are dependent upon the facts of each case and, therefore, a result in one case does not guarantee the same result in another.  Some results obtained by attorneys when they worked with prior firms.